Premium Ceramic Coating Protection System

Puris Ceramics have finally arrived! We’ve engineered a simple three step solution for the ultimate protection: start with preparation using A60 JADE Caliber; apply either JADE QUARTZ or JADE ICE; after a full cure, A68 JADE Reboot will reinforce the ceramic coating and introducing A61 Jade Detox a shampoo with the power of Reboot!

The Puris Ceramics line is available in three varieties:

  • Jade Quartz: Ultra Premium Ceramic with a 9H hardness rating and a 4-year warranty*
  • Jade Ice: Premium Ceramic with a 7H hardness rating and a 2-year warranty*
  • Jade Marine:Jade Marine is approximately 2.5x more concentrated than Jade Quartz and has a solvency tailored for the marine climate making it the ultimate ceramic coating with a 6 year warranty*