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Natasha Wellcome

My name is Tasha Wellcome, for the last two years I’ve been working as a volunteer with youth with a mission (YWAM) in Sola, Norway. The main work we do is run Discipleship Training Schools where young people from all over the world come to learn to know God and make him known, how to be a disciple of Jesus! I have worked on a traveling team, preaching the gospel in different churches and schools in Norway, and for the last year I have been managing the kitchen on our missions base! The Lord only knows what comes next but wherever I go my desire and goal is to belong to Jesus and walk in his way and to turn the eyes of those around me to see more of his glorious face!

Life Options Network

We understand that women and struggling families are often lead to believe abortion is their only option when they become unexpectedly pregnant and we are here to tell you, that is a lie. Abortion not only takes a life but is “…the ultimate exploitation of women” -Alice Paul. Abortion has always been a way for society to devalue and dehumanize each of us. It’s a way to avoid providing real solutions to families in need. We believe every life has intrinsic value, born and unborn and should be given the right to life.
At Life Options Network, we provide resource information necessary for single parents and struggling families to receive the help they need. We know information is power and knowing where to go for resources like food, clothing, help with childcare and shelter is essential to so many people who might otherwise continue to struggle. Our goal is to put every helping hand beginning in the Northwest region of the country on our web page and continue to advocate for new helping agents as we grow our connections for each person who might be in need.
We want every woman to know she is powerful in the event of an unexpected pregnancy, that there are resources at her fingertips and there is never shame in reaching out for help. Here in the U.S., there has been a culture of shame around asking for help. Whether you are married with three kids and struggling to pay the bills or you are a single parent who doesn’t know where your family’s next meal will come from, we want to be a resource you can count on.

Salmon Creek Little League

Salmon Creek Little League (SCLL) operates several age- and skill-appropriate t-ball, coach, and player pitch baseball programs. They are open to both boys and girls.

Evaluations are held each year for all drafted levels of play to help determine each player’s overall skill and aptitude, and to ensure each player is properly placed at the correct level.

Our programs are designed to teach players (and parents) the fundamentals of the game while offering a fun, team-oriented environment to develop good sportsmanship, leadership skills, accountability and physical fitness.

No longer just a spring-time activity, Salmon Creek Little League offers programs through the spring, summer and fall.

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