Why Choose a FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating?

feynlab intense gloss graphic

Intense Gloss

 Drive the shiniest car on the block for 3, 5, even 7 years or more!

feynlab scratch resistance graphic

Added Scratch Resistance

The density and added “slickness” of the coating can help it to reduce light scratching that naturally occurs throughout ownership.

fenylab scratch healing graphic

Light Scratch Healing

By choosing FEYNLAB Self-Healing Coatings, you can literally watch as those light scratches and swirl-marks disappear before your eyes.

feynlab simple maintnance graphic

Super Simple Maintenance

Get that “freshly detailed” look everytime you wash your car.  No more polishing.  No more waxing and most importantly, NO MORE SCRUBBING! as dirt and grime literally slide right off the paint.

feynlab increased value graphic

Increased Value of Investment

A weathered, faded and oxidized paint devalues your vehicle pretty quickly.  Not only that, but it no longer feels special and new to you.  Increase your car’s value by keeping it looking brand new for years to come.

feynlab made in usa graphic

Made in the USA

Most car care products are sourced overseas but not FEYNLAB! All of their products are created and bottled right here in the USA and we are proud to support them!

Which Coating Is Right For You?

Feynlab Ceramic Coating Bottle
Feynlab Heat Lite and Feynlab Topcoat
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