Auto Spa 360 is the premiere auto detailing shop in Vancouver, Washington. Our details consist of using a variety of specialized tools and many years of experience to achieve the highest possible quality detail. Our exterior detail will change how you look at your vehicle after our complete hand wash, water spot removal, tar removal, buffing the paint to remove imperfections, wax to protect the paint and much more.
Our interior detail is designed to make your vehicle look and smell like new again. We vacuum, shampoo, wipe down, and use specialized tools to clean every surface like brushes, picks, pneumatic fabric cleaners and much more to revitalize your vehicle. Call to set up your appointment at (360)513-6564 and see what the Auto Spa 360 difference is.


STANDARD – One step light swirl mark removal with our all-in-one polish system, correct-polish20-30% defect removal and perfect for all budgets and daily drivers! Included in standard full and exterior detail
PREMIUM – Two step for moderate defect removal with leveling compound and followed with finishing polish. 50-70% defect removal.  Additional $100.

SUPREME – Two step for deep defect removal with high abrasive leveling compound and followed with a fine finishing polish plus Menzerna Power Lock Sealant. 70-85% defect removal and perfect for those who demand the best and have a critical eye for perfection! Every car is different – we charge our hourly rate of $45 hour.

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